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21 Dec 2006 - England, Wales
This matter is before me pursuant to an order of Mrs Justice Black, dated 19 June 2006, to decide the question of whether or not the court has jurisdiction in respect of the plaintiff's application for wardship in respect of her four year old...
14 Dec 2006 - Northern Ireland
This is an application brought by North and West Belfast H&SS Trust (hereinafter called 'the Trust') to vary contact pursuant to Article 53(2) of The Children (NI) Order 1995 (hereinafter called 'the Order'). The C1...
13 Dec 2006 - Northern Ireland
This is a preliminary issue arising out of appeal by a Health and Social Services Trust which I do not propose to identify ("the Trust") against the decision of Master Wells given on 16 November 2006.
12 Dec 2006 - Northern Ireland
This is an application by a Health and Social Service Trust ("The Trust") for authority to reduce contact pending the hearing of a Freeing application, there already having been two reductions of contact since the granting of the Care...
07 Dec 2006 - Northern Ireland
There are two applications before the court in this instance. First, an application by J, the father of the child T now aged 2 years of age pursuant to Article 53 of the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995 ("the 1995 Order") for...
23 Nov 2006 - Northern Ireland
This is an appeal from the judgment of Girvan J dismissing the appellant's application for judicial review of certain decisions of Belfast Education and Library Board and North Eastern Education and Library Board.
23 Nov 2006 - England, Wales
Before it determines the level of staying contact to be enjoyed by a parent with a child (or when under a shared residence order it defines the number of nights for which the child should reside in one parent's home and in the other parent...
17 Nov 2006 - England, Wales
These are care proceedings in relation to Brandon Webster, who was born on 29 May 2006.
16 Nov 2006 - England, Wales
This is an application by 30 year old S, the mother, of 21 February 2006 to take her 3 year old daughter, A, born 25 October 2003, permanently to live with her in Australia, her home country. This is opposed by 33 year old C, the father.
15 Nov 2006 - Republic of Ireland
As a result of the IVF treatment six viable embryos were created. Three were inserted in the plaintiffメs uterus and the remaining three were frozen. The plaintiff became pregnant as a result of the transfer of the three embryos and gave birth to a...