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01 May 2003 - England, Wales
These Regulations revoke the Education Restriction of Employment Regulations 2000 and make provision for the supply of information to the Secretary of State, procedures for giving a direction under section 142 of the Education Act 2002, the grounds...
01 May 2003 - England
These Regulations make provision for local authorities in England to provide adoption support services as part of the service maintained by them under section 1(1) of the Adoption Act 1976.
01 May 2003 - Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, UK
These Regulations impose requirements and conditions in respect of a person who is habitually resident in the British Islands and who - (a) brings, or causes another to bring, a child who is habitually resident outside the British Islands into the...
01 May 2003 - Northern Ireland
Part I of this Order is introductory. Part II makes provision relating to bail in criminal proceedings except where section 67 of the Terrorism Act 2000 applies. Part III provides for time limits for preliminary stages of criminal proceedings. Part...
01 May 2003 - Scotland
An Act of the Scottish Parliament to provide for the establishment and functions of a Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland; and for connected purposes.