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24 May 2018 - Sky News
Ireland will go to the polls to decide whether to end a ban on abortion.    
15 Jun 2016 - Sky News
Young children are watching, copying and becoming "desensitised" to porn, according to new research.  The report found a quarter of 11-year-olds have seen online porn - and by the age of 16 that figure rises to half.
11 Nov 2015 - Sky News
The family of five-year-old Max Hurry tell of their anger after receiving two "fat letters" saying he was overweight.
17 Sep 2015 - Sky News
The charity behind a unique new school where parents go to class with their children says it is already having a dramatic impact on improving pupils' mental health. Sky's Rhiannon Mills reports.
02 Jul 2015 - Sky News
 Just a third of police cases involving vulnerable British children are being handled to a satisfactory standard, a watchdog says.
23 Jun 2015 - Sky News
The Prime Minister has defended the government's plans to cut £12bn from the welfare bill. Julia Unwin, the Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which looks at poverty in the UK, and Sam Bowman, the Deputy Director of the Adam...
26 May 2015 - Sky News
A woman has told Sky News how uniformed police officers stood guard as abusers sexually assaulted her as a young girl. Tom Parmenter reports.
11 Mar 2015 - Sky News
David Cameron has called for the "wilful neglect" of children to be made a criminal offence.
11 Mar 2015 - Sky News
Police investigating Westminster-linked child abuse are examining whether a man was murdered because he was about to expose a paedophile ring operating within a London council.
29 Jan 2015 - Sky News
A Sky News investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham learns that hundreds of new cases continue to emerge.