Gloucestershire County Council (21 003 170)

19 May 2022
Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman
Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

Summary: Mr F complains about being unfairly excluded from the Council’s child protection process in relation to his son. Further, Mr F said the Council built a false narrative that he was a person who abused alcohol which ultimately led to a flawed decision that he was a risk to his son. Mr F says these failings resulted in him suffering serious emotional distress. We have identified numerous and serious failings by the Council. Specifically, the Council excluded Mr F from the child protection process, failed to share information with him in a timely manner and unjustifiably judged Mr F as a person who misuses alcohol. We consider the Council’s judgement about the level of risk Mr F presented to his child was based on procedural failings. Mr F suffered an injustice by reason of the faults and the Council has agreed to a number of remedies to address this.

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National policy and practice guidance

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