Inspection of Sefton local authority children’s services

19 May 2022

Services to children and families in Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council are inadequate. Over a long period, the political and executive leadership has not secured the structures, systems and processes to keep an effective single line of oversight of children’s services. Services for children and young people had been dispersed across the council. Since the last inspection in 2016, there has been a significant deterioration in services. A joint targeted area inspection in September 2019 and a focused visit in March 2021 both identified serious weaknesses in child protection practice and management oversight resulting in areas for priority action. The council and senior leaders have not sufficiently understood these failures or taken the necessary actions to improve services for children. The appointment of an external interim director of children’s services in June 2021 has exposed the extensive inadequacies, which the council and senior managers have sought to address through a systematic approach to much-needed improvement including the restructuring of services. The shortfalls identified at previous visits are still present in current practice.

Document type: 
Inspections, inquiries and serious case reviews

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