Lord Janner

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24 Sep 2019 - The Telegraph
The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) is in danger of turning into a "kangaroo court", the family of the late Lord Janner have claimed.
28 Sep 2016 - The Courier
 "Stop undermining our staff and stop undermining public confidence in our child protection service." That was the message from Mr Ross in response to calls for another inquiry into the region's children and families social work...
29 Aug 2016 - The Scotsman
The family of Greville Janner wants the public inquiry into child abuse to delay its investigation into the late Labour peer.    
28 Aug 2016 - BBC News
The family of the late Labour peer Lord Janner are demanding the public inquiry into child abuse postpones its plan to examine allegations against him.
08 Aug 2016 - Wales Online
 The son of late politician Lord Greville Janner has revealed the "horrendous" effect abuse allegations against his late father have had on his family. The peer from Cardiff, who died aged 87 in December 2015, is alleged to have abused...
05 Apr 2016 - Belfast Telegraph
 Lord Janner told an inquiry he had no contact with a convicted child abuser despite another probe finding there was an "abundance of evidence" the pair knew each other, according to reports. The former MP was interviewed about Frank Beck...
19 Jan 2016 - BBC News
 Three chances were missed to prosecute late peer Lord Janner over sex abuse claims, an inquiry has found. The independent inquiry, commissioned by the director of public prosecutions, found police and prosecutors missed opportunities to charge Lord...
18 Jan 2016 - The Guardian
 Alleged victims of sexual abuse by Greville Janner have hit out at the decision to drop court proceedings against the late peer, saying it amounted to "an establishment cover-up from day one". The case against the former Labour MP, who...
07 Dec 2015 - The Telegraph
Mr Justice Openshaw will hear details of the 87-year-old dementia sufferer's condition when the case is brought back to the Old Bailey today.     At a the last hearing in October, both prosecution and defence barristers made it clear there was...
03 Sep 2015 - The Guardian
Former Labour peer has provisional date for trial of the facts set by Mr Justice Sweeney in his absence at Old Bailey.