Establishment of a Statutory Commission of Investigation into a Foster Home in the South East: Statements

4 Feb 2016
Office of the Houses of the Oireachtas Dáil Debates

The Taoiseach: I would like to say a few words on the Government decision to appoint a statutory commission of investigation into a foster home in the south east. When this Government came to office, we set out to undo the damage and heal some of the hurt inflicted on the most vulnerable in our society. One of those groups was the Magdalene women, the unseen launderers of our country's stains and secrets. We issued a State apology to those women and established a restorative justice scheme in June 2013. When I met them in London, they told me about the difference that apology made to their lives and the changes the restorative aspect is making. There have been 804 applications to the scheme, with €23 million paid out to date.

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