Quarterly Child Protection Statistics for Northern Ireland (January – March 2015)

22 May 2015
Health and Social Care Information Centre

Child Protection Register
 At 31 March 2015, 1,969 children were listed on the Child Protection Register in Northern Ireland. This represented a 2% increase on the previous quarter;
 Taking account of local demographics, register counts per 10,000 children's population (under 18), ranged from 40.2 in the Western HSC Trust to 50.7 in the Belfast HSC Trust; overall there were 45.6 children per 10,000 on the register;
 Over 80% of the children were on the register due to physical abuse, neglect or a combination of physical abuse and neglect;
 70% of children on the Child Protection Register at 31 March 2015 had been on the register for less than one year with 2% of children on the register for three years or longer;

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