Republic of Ireland

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04 Jul 2022 - RTE News
The country's first fully inclusive playground for children with physical disabilities was officially opened in Cork today.
01 Jul 2022 - RTE News
The HSE has apologised to the families of children with disabilities and said it is not acceptable for them to have to wait an extended time for the supports and therapies they need.
01 Jul 2022 - The Irish Examiner
UCC professor Conor O' Mahony has announced that he is stepping down as the government's special rapporteur on child protection at the end of his ...
01 Jul 2022 - The Irish Examiner
Legislation to ensure that the cost of uniform, reduced book costs, school transport fees, and voluntary contributions are eliminated
30 Jun 2022 - RTE News
Children begin to identify with religious and political symbols from as early as the age of five, according to research by Queen's University Belfast.
29 Jun 2022 - Irish Independent
The Minister for Justice is seeking to restrict children and young people’s access to porn websites as part of a “landmark” strategy to tackle domestic, sexual and gender-based violence.
29 Jun 2022 - The Irish Examiner
There has been an almost four-fold jump in the number of young people presenting with eating disorders to community specialist services.HSE medical ...
29 Jun 2022 - RTE News
The Taoiseach has said there cannot be a situation where children with special needs are refused by schools and told to look elsewhere.
29 Jun 2022 - Department for Education Ireland
The National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) provides a framework to support the contribution that the education sector is making and will continue to make towards a more sustainable future at a number of levels: individual,...
29 Jun 2022 - Department of Justice Ireland
Third National Domestic, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Strategy