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05 Jul 2022 - UK Parliament
Toilets, both in municipal and private sector locations, are an important facility for members of the public, in particular, women, those with children, older people and disabled people.
05 Jul 2022 - Department for Education
We are gathering a range of views to help us reach well-informed and fair decisions on proposed regulatory changes to childcare in England. This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 16 September 2022
05 Jul 2022 - Department for Education
A research report on qualitative interviews with parents of children under 5 years old covering affordability, availability and flexibility of childcare.
05 Jul 2022 - Department for Education
Report looking at the evidence on education outcomes by ethnicity across the post-16 education system in England.
05 Jul 2022 - BBC
An incident room is set up to investigate non-recent child sex abuse in Sheffield and Rotherham.
04 Jul 2022 - BBC
A report found Sophie, who was raped multiple times as a child, was failed by Oldham Council and police.
04 Jul 2022 - Guardian
Government launches consultation on ways to reduce childcare costs in effort to tackle cost of living crisisPlans to ease childcare staffing ratios in nurseries in England have drawn an angry response from providers and parents who say their...
01 Jul 2022 - NSPCC
The Department for Education (DfE) has published an updated version of the statutory safeguarding and child protection guidance for schools in England, Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE) (DfE, 2022)1. This guidance will replace KCSIE 2021...
30 Jun 2022 - BBC
Two Portsmouth councillors personally fund free breakfasts for children during the summer holidays.
30 Jun 2022 - Department for Education
Early education and childcare entitlements for children under 5 years of age in the state-funded, private, voluntary and independent sectors in England.