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05 Jul 2022 - Wales Online
The change will apply to a variety of public buildings
05 Jul 2022 - BBC
Hope was taken into care at 14 but ran away after her foster placement broke down at 16.
05 Jul 2022 - BBC
Actor Michael Sheen says the "worst things imaginable" are happening to children in care.
04 Jul 2022 - BBC
Tanning salons shown not making ID checks for under-18s despite cancer concerns for young people.
04 Jul 2022 - Wales Online
Alia Ramna grew up with hostility due to her feminine traits and drawings, often having to hide her true self from her family
04 Jul 2022 - Wales Online
Beef is being swapped for gammon, chicken is being swapped for turkey
04 Jul 2022 - BBC News
A "complete shift" is needed in the way we deal with children who murder, a campaigner has said.
01 Jul 2022 - Wales Online
Most people who commented on the story were angry at plans to cut the summer holiday
30 Jun 2022 - BBC
One teaching union says there are "many more pressing issues that need attention".
29 Jun 2022 - Wales Online
Adopters are needed most for brother and sister groups, older children, children with additional needs and those from ethnic minority backgrounds