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05 Jul 2022 - Guardian
The police strip-search at school of Child Q caused outrage. But experts say it is just one example of how black children are perceived as more mature – and culpable – than white peersAhmed has a recurring nightmare. The specifics change, but the...
05 Jul 2022 - BBC
An incident room is set up to investigate non-recent child sex abuse in Sheffield and Rotherham.
04 Jul 2022 - BBC
A report found Sophie, who was raped multiple times as a child, was failed by Oldham Council and police.
30 Jun 2022 - The Express
CAMPAIGNERS are fighting for the Family Court overhaul to be rolled out across the UK urgently to ensure children are safe.
29 Jun 2022 - Belfast Telegraph
Cian Farrelly knew the weight of the shame and trauma he placed on his young sister would work in his favour and keep her silent.
28 Jun 2022 - BBC
The adoptive family of Tony Hudgell, seven, have long campaigned for harsher sentences for abusers.
28 Jun 2022 - BBC
Drivers who kill could now face life sentences as part of changes coming into force this week.
27 Jun 2022 - The Herald
POLICE Scotland has carried out more than 1,000 strip searches on children in the last two years, according to figures uncovered by The Herald.
24 Jun 2022 - BBC News
The mother of a six-year-old schoolboy murdered in 1994 said "when Rikki died, I died" as she prepares for her son's killer to be sentenced later.
23 Jun 2022 - BBC News
A university ordered to pay more than £50,000 in damages after the suicide of one of its students is seeking permission to appeal the ruling.