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05 Jul 2022 - Department of Health
NICE guidance is designed and developed for the NHS in England and is therefore not automatically applicable to Northern Ireland. Guidance is locally reviewed for applicability to Northern Ireland and, where appropriate, is endorsed for...
04 Jul 2022 - BBC
Tanning salons shown not making ID checks for under-18s despite cancer concerns for young people.
04 Jul 2022 - Wales Online
Alia Ramna grew up with hostility due to her feminine traits and drawings, often having to hide her true self from her family
03 Jul 2022 - The Independent
Junk food and the internet has created a’perfect storm’, gym boss Nick Mitchell said.
01 Jul 2022 - RTE News
The HSE has apologised to the families of children with disabilities and said it is not acceptable for them to have to wait an extended time for the supports and therapies they need.
01 Jul 2022 - The Independent
A Ucas report has found disabled students are much more likely to defer or delay their course if they do not get timely support.
01 Jul 2022 - Guardian
Children of poorer mothers who breastfeed are much better at tasks involving speaking, drawing and comprehension as a direct result, a British study has found.They do 8% better in tests of their cognitive ability up to the age of seven – if they...
30 Jun 2022 - Guardian
The parents of Archie Battersbee have won an appeal against ending the 12-year-old’s life support treatment.A high court judge had ruled that Archie, who sustained brain damage about three months ago, was ”brain-stem dead” after a hospital trust...
30 Jun 2022 - BBC
Two Portsmouth councillors personally fund free breakfasts for children during the summer holidays.
30 Jun 2022 - SC Business Services Organisation (Northern Ireland) and Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
Activity and payment statistics related to community pharmacy in Northern Ireland between April 2021 and March 2022.