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30 Jun 2022 - BBC News
Children in NI begin to identify with religious and political symbols from age of five, research shows.
30 Jun 2022 - RTE News
Children begin to identify with religious and political symbols from as early as the age of five, according to research by Queen's University Belfast.
27 Jun 2022 - The Express
SPORTS coaches and faith leaders will be banned this week from having sex with under-18s in their care. The move to protect teenagers from sexual predators follows a campaign to close a loophole to ensure that young people who are over the age of...
23 Jun 2022 - Belfast Telegraph
Two-thirds of young people are worried about health and wellbeing in Northern Ireland, a survey has suggested.
22 Jun 2022 - BBC News
Stormont strategy says education for over-16s can be overly driven by exams rather than skills.
22 Jun 2022 - The Irish Examiner
Youth Diversion Projects have welcomed a funding boost of €6.7m to increase work with children who are involved in antisocial and criminal behaviour at an increasingly young age
21 Jun 2022 - Guardian
Exclusive: more than a third of childhood offences on DBS certificates happened over 40 years ago‘We were just rowdy 16-year-olds’: how police caution blighted a careerThousands of people risk being unfairly locked out of jobs because of mistakes in...
15 Jun 2022 - Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation
An inspection of youth offending services in Bridgend.
01 Jun 2022 - House of Commons Library
This paper presents the latest statistics on youth unemployment in the UK as well as comparisons with other EU countries.
31 May 2022 - Office for National Statistics
Analysis of youth unemployment and economic inactivity by socioeconomic background, broken down by sex and age. Data from the Labour Force Survey.